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Tel. 718-390-7473
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Curator, Texas Quilt Museum (2012-present, based in New York)
Editor, Art Quilt Collector


2016 Creativity Workshop: Art Quilt Inspirations, five-day workshop, Stony Point Center, Stony Point, NY (cyanotype, photo transefr, painting, printing)

2016 Online lecture series "Quilts and Their Makers in the U.S." for the Texas Quilt Museum

2015  Art quilt workshop, Peters Valley Craft Center (Layton, NJ)  (cyanotype, photo transefr, painting, printing)

2011-2015 Teaching: several courses in art history online for the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

2011 Teaching: Quilt History and Aesthetics, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (online course)

2010 Teaching: Genesis and Development of the Studio Quilt, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (online graduate course)

2010  Panelist: "Quilts Extended: Structure as Vocabulary" on May 16 from 3-4:30 at the Dorsky Gallery in Long Island City (, for the exhibition Assembling Narratives: Quilting Impulses in Contemporary Art 

2010 Teaching: Contemporary Art, Fashion Institute of Technology 

2010 Symposium session: The Critique (with Lisa Chipetine), Art Quilt Elements exhibition

2009 Writing: Oxford Encyclopedia of American Art (numerous articles)
2009 Teaching: Contemporary Art, University of Colorado at Denver (online course)
2009 Teaching: Women's Work: History of Quiltmaking in the United States (Adelphi University)
2009 Teaching: History of Graphic Design, Adelphi University
2008 Chair and organizer of session: "The Evolution of Contemporary Quilt Art," College Art Association Annual Conference; also presenting lecture on "Some Political Aspects of Quilt Art: 1960-1980."
2008 Teaching: History of Graphic Design, Adelphi University
2007 Lecture "Approaches to Critiquing Quilt Art," Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) national conference (Athens, OH); also did critique workshops
2007 Organized and chaired panel discussion "Art Quilt Workshops: What's Art Got To Do With It?" international symposium, International Quilt Study Center (Lincoln, NE)
2007 Teaching: Modern Art II, 1945-2006: Adelphi University
2007 Teaching: Venetian Art and Architecture, 1400-1600: Cooper Union
2006 Workshop "Eye of the Artist: Approaches to Critiquing Quilt Art," SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) NY meeting
2006 Lecture "Quilt Art and America during the 1960s and 1970s," San Jose Museum of Quilts andTextiles (San Jose, California)
2006 Teaching: Medieval Art: Fashion Institute of Technology
2004 Teaching: Contemporary Visual Culture: City College of New York (CUNY, graduate course)
2003 Lecture “Folk Art Aesthetics and American Art Quilts,” Wild by Design symposium, International Quilt Study Center (Lincoln, Nebraska)

2000 Chaired symposium “Art Quilts of the Future”: National Museum of Women in the Arts
1999 Teaching: Fabric painting, stamp printing, and introduction to art quilts: NYQuilts! (Troy, NY))
1998 Lecture and photo transfer workshops: Houston International Quilt Festival
1996 Teaching: Cyanotype photography on fabric: Peters Valley Craft Center (Layton, NJ)
1995 Teaching: Art quilt materials and techniques: Katonah Museum (Katonah, NY)
1992 Teaching: Renaissance art history: Sarah Lawrence College (taught with Suzanne Boorsch)


2015  Appointed to Publications Prize Committee, Association of Art Museum Curators

2009  Full scholarship to attend "Governing for Nonprofit Excellence" seminar at Harvard Business School (Dec. 9-12)

2007 Named an Associate Fellow of the International Quilt Study Center at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln

2010-13  SAQA President

2007 Elected to the Board of SAQA (incoming Vice President)
2007 Invited by the jury to exhibit in the 2007 Biennale of Contemporary Art (Florence, Italy)
1995  Empire State Crafts Alliance, for Bronx student workshop
1994  Bronx Council on the Arts BRIO grant for artistic excellence


2017  Visions Art Museum permanent collection ("Stem Cells," cyanotype photogram quilt)

2017  Newark Art Museum permanent collection ("Swept Into Eternity," cyanotype photogram quilt)

2012 "Ann's Quilt" appliqued photo quilt: private commission (New York City)

2011  International Quilt Study Center, Lincoln, Nebraska ("On the Road: Slippery When Wet" photo quilt)

2007 International Quilt Study Center, Lincoln, Nebraska ("Stir Crazy," cyanotype painted quilt)
2007 World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, "Count Them All" (mixed media quilt) in September 11 Quilts collection
2004 Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum permanent collection ("Infrastructure," mixed media photo quilt)
2001 Bronx Reservoir Keeper’s House, historic landmark ("Waterway," cyanotype painted quilt)
1999 Virginia Quilt Museum permanent collection ("The Sower," cyanotype photogram quilt)
1999 “Mountain Sunset” painted photo quilt: private commission (North Carolina)
1999 “For Lily, with Love” cyanotype photo quilt: private commission (New York City)
1998 Atlanta Airport Art Program, International Concourse E ("Water Wheels," cyanotype photogram quilt)
1997 San José Museum of Quilts and Textiles permanent collection ("Rites of Passage," photo quilt)
1997 “River of Hope” seven silk-painted banners for Montefiore Hospital (New York City)
1996 Peters Valley Craft Center permanent collection ("A Valentine for Fordham Road," cyanotype print quilt)
1996-2001 "Florida Palm Trees" wall hanging, 10 x 14 ft., painted on cotton twill: Florida Atlantic

University, Treasure Coast Campus (Port St. Lucie – building redesigned in 2001 and work returned to artist)

1995 Photo quilt from artist's collection, commission for three others: Montefiore Hospital
1996 "Gateway to Summer 1995" window banners (total of four), cyanotype photograms


ArtTable; Friends of Fiber Art International; Studio Art Quilt Associates; Surface Design Association; Alliance for American Quilts

SELECTED PUBLISHED ART WORK (all on fabric and in color unless noted otherwise)

2016  "Fireflies" quilt, SAQA Journal no. 3, 2016, p. 9

2016 "Swept Into Eternity" quilt, Quilting Arts Magazine, June/July 2016, p. 12 

2016  "Swept Into Eternity" quilt: Stories of Migration catalog for SAQA juried show

2015   "White Noise" cyanotype quilt: Blue Door Quarterly, Journal of Literature and Art (Spring/Summer 2015)

2015    "Bottoms Up!" cyanotype quilt: Quilting Arts, April/May 2015, p. 61

2014   "Bottoms Up!" cyanotype quilt: Redirecting the Ordinary catalog for SAQA juried show

2014  "Potassium Powerhouse" mixed media quilt: Radical Elements catalog for SAQA juried show

2012  "Penumbra #7: Twilight" cyanotype quilt: Quilt Life, August 2012, p. 74.

2011 "On the Road: High Water" mixed-media photo quilt: Surface Design Journal, vol. 35, no. 3 (Spring 2011), p. 64

2008 "Silent Soldiers" cyanotype quilt in SAQA catalogue of Transformations 2008: Icons and Imagery
2007 Three invitational Sense of Place cyanotype quilts (Penumbra series) in SAQA catalogue
2006 "Boogie-down Kitchen" cyanotype quilt in SAQA catalogue (CD) of Transformations 2006
2006 "New York Colors" mixed-media quilt: Art Quilts: Manhattan Quilters Guild
2006 "Going Home" cyanotype quilt: Surface Design Journal, vol. 31, no. 1
2004 "News Flash" mixed-media quilt: American Style magazine, June 2004
2004 “Stir Crazy” cyanotype quilt: Centre Daily Times, Mar. 12 (central Pennsylvania), exhibition review
2002 “Boogie-down Kitchen” cyanotype quilt: Fiberarts Magazine, Sep/Oct, 27
2002 “Stir Crazy” cyanotype quilt and “Dust to Dust”mixed-media quilt: Fabric Stamping Handbook,

Jean Ray Laury

2000 “Red River” mixed-media quilt: American Art Quilts, Quilt 21 / 2000 exhibition catalogue
2000 “Silver Anniversary” photo quilt: Riverdale Press, Jan. 20 (feature article on Sider)
1999 “Women at Work and Play, no. 4” photo quilt: Women in the Arts, Dec. Holiday issue

(National Museum of Women in the Arts magazine)

1999 “The Sower” cyanotype quilt: Women in the Arts, Dec. Holiday issue
1999 “Women at Work and Play, no. 6,” “Women at Work and Play, no. 8,” “Rites of Passage,”

and “A Better Bronx, no. 2”: Photo Transfer Handbook, Jean Ray Laury

1998 “Reservoir Rocks” and “Fort Independence Park”, black-and-white photos in Lehman College

Art Gallery’s “100 Years at the Jerome Park Reservoir”: Riverdale Press, Aug. 13

1997 "The Sower” cyanotype quilt, in black and white: Wave Hill News, Fall issue
1997 “Women at Work and Play, no. 5” and Women at Work and Play, no. 7” photo quilts:

Imagery on Fabric (2nd ed.), Jean Ray Laury

1998 Color images of Jerome Park Reservoir in video: A City Lake, Lynn Pyle
1997 “New Moon Over Mexico” cyanotype quilt: The Art Quilt, Robert Shaw
1997 “Paradise #1” color photograph: Apogee Photo Magazine, Dec. ‘97 (Internet contest)
1996 "Spring Morning" color photograph: Apogee Photo Magazine, July '96 (Internet contest)
1996 "Women at Work and Play, no. 4" photo quilt: Fiberarts Magazine, Jan/Feb
1995 "Women at Work and Play, no. 2" photo quilt: Diversity! exhibition catalogue
1995 "Women at Work and Play, no. 1" photo quilt: Fiberarts Design Book Five
1994 "Focus on the Belvedere" cyanotype quilt: The Art of Seeing (textbook)
1993 "Chapultepec Flash" and "Eyes of Egypt" cyanotype quilts, in black and white: The New York Times, Sept. 12, (Westchester section), review by Patricia Malarcher
1992 "Power Mowers" photo quilt: Surface Design Journal, v. 16, no. 3
1991 "Eyes of Egypt" cyanotype quilt: Fiberarts Design Book Four
1991 "Focus on the Belvedere" cyanotype quilt: Fiberarts Magazine, Summer
1990 "Oaxaca Dancer" color photograph: Best of Photography Annual


2016  “Swept Into Eternity” cyanotype quilt: Stories of Migration juried SAQA show, The Textile Museum (Washington, DC)

2015   "Garden Party" cyanotype quilt: Making Matters: Fresh Perspectives in Fine Craft, Peters Valley Craft Center (Layton, NJ), invitational show

2015  "Potassium Powerhouse" mixed-media quilt: Radical Elements touring SAQA show, including the gallery of the National Academy of Science (Washington, DC)

2015  "Going Home" cyanotype quilt: A Passion for Prussian Blue, New England Quilt Museum (Lowell, MA)

2015  "Penumbra #6: Afternoon" cyanotype quilt: A Passion for Prussian Blue, New England Quilt Museum (Lowell, MA)

2014   Six cyanotype quilts from the 3x3 series: Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2014   "Bottoms Up!" cyanotype quilt: Redirecting the Ordinary touring SAQA juried show

2014  "Potassium Powerhouse" mixed media quilt: Radical Elements touring SAQA juried show

2012  "On the Road: High Water" and "Garden Grid #2," 2012 Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition (juried)

2010 "On the Road: Road Rage" and "On the Road: High Water,: photo transfer quilts, Art Quilts XV: Needleplay (juried), Chandler Center for the Arts (Chandler, AZ)

2010 "On the Road : Curves Ahead," photo transfer quilt, Northern National Art Competition (juried), Nicolet College, Rhinelander, WI

2010 "Penumbra #2: Silent Soldiers" in Blue Door Gallery (Yonkers, NY) Annual Members' Juried Exhibition (Jan.-Feb., 2010)
2008 "Penumbra #2: Silent Soldiers," cyanotype quilt,SAQA Transformations 2008: Icons and Images (juried, touring)
2008 "Red River" and "Magenta Filter," mixed media quilts, National Art Quilt Show (invitational), Hill Country Arts Foundation (Ingram, TX)
2007 Three of the quilts in my new cyanotype series Penumbra exhibited in SAQA's show Sense of Place: Artists Working in Series (curated by Peg Keeney), Houston International Festival of Quilts (Houston, touring)
2007 "Heat Wave," mixed media quilt, Fiber Force: A Futuristic Approach (curated by Lisa Chipetine), Pacific International Quilt Festival XVI (Santa Clara, California)
2007 "Penumbra #1: Summer Dance," cyanotype quilt, Fabric of the Imagination (juried), Visions Art Quilt Gallery, San Diego
2007 “Going, Going, Gone” cyanotype quilt, New Art from an American Tradition (SAQA juried exhibition at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, Hampton, VA, as part of the Jamestown 400th Anniversary); also exhibited at Colonial Williamsburg
2007 Solo show: Photography and Quilt Art, Denver National Quilt Festival
2006-2009 "New York Colors" mixed-media quilt, national tour of MetroTextural (group show from the Manhattan Quilters Guild)
2006 “Going, Going, Gone” cyanotype quilt, Material Speaks (group show from Art Quilt Network / New

York, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia)

2006 “Boogie-down Kitchen” cyanotype quilt, Transformations: Artists Working with Fiber

(SAQA juried competition, touring internationally)

2005 "Going Home" cyanotype quilt, Quilts=Art=Quilts (juried), Schweinfurth Art Center
2005 "Kitty Well, Kitty Wells," mixed media monoprint quilt, touring trunk show by members of


2005 "Night Driving #4" and "Going, Going, Gone" mixed media cyanotype quilts, summer show of quilts

by Art Quilt Network / New York, Fitton Center for the Arts (Ohio)

2005 "Going Home" and "Stir Crazy" cyanotype quilts, summer show (invitational), Earlville Opera House

(New York)

2004 "Teaching Those Boots to Sing" printed and sequined quilt, in Music tour (invitational)
2004 “Stir Crazy” cyanotype quilt, in Quilts: Traditional and the Deviant (invitational), HUB Gallery at

Pennsylvania State University

2003 “Nightshade #3” mixed media cyanotype quilt, in Dreaming the Garden tour (invitational)
2003 “Count Them All” mixed media quilt, in September 11 Quilts, Daura Gallery, Lynchburg College

(VA) and other sites nationally (invitational)

2002 “News Flash” mixed media photo transfer quilt, in Time Squared, traveling exhibition, Manhattan

Quilters Guild

2002 “Text and Commentary” pieced quilt, in Dancing Between the Semicolons tour (invitational)
2002 “In Honor of the US Mail” embellished shoe stamped and mailed from New York City to Lowell,

MA, Stepping Into An Uncertain World (invitational), Boott Gallery (Lowell)

2002 “Terra Firma?” mixed media photo transfer quilt, touring by invitation in Fine Focus 2002
2002 “Boogie-down Kitchen” cyanotype quilt, Pieceworks: Art Quilts at the Sedgwick (juried)
2001 “Stir Crazy” cyanotype quilt, Hanging by a Thread (juried), Northern Arizona University
2001 “Step Right Up!” photo quilt, Pieceworks: Art Quilts at the Sedgwick (juried), Philadelphia
2000 “Red River” mixed media quilt, Quilt 21 (showing as juror), traveling exhibition
2000 “Southern Wedding” mixed media quilt, Quilt Show 2000 – The World Visits (invitation), Darling

Harbour (Sydney, Australia)

2000 “Step Right Up!” photo quilt, FOCUS: FIBER (invitation), Mill Brook Gallery (Concord, NH)
2000 “Branching Out” mixed media quilt, ARTiculate Threads (juried), Ellipse Arts Center

(Arlington, VA)

1999 “Silver Anniversary” photo quilt, East Meets West (juried), Boehm Gallery (San Marcos, CA)
1999 “Inside the Fence” photo quilt, Hanging by a Thread (juried), Northern Arizona University
1999 “Branching Out” mixed media quilt, Spring Fever! (invitation), (Greenwich, CT)
1998 Solo show of color photographs Jerome Park: A Neighborhood at Risk: Lehman College Library

Gallery (Bronx, NY)

1998 “Dust to Dust” mixed media quilt, YARDWORKS, traveling exhibition, Manhattan Quilters Guild
1998 “Women at Work and Play, no. 7” photo quilt, Fantastic Fibers (juried), Yeiser Art Center

(Paducah, KY); also exhibited on Internet in QuiltArt gallery

1998 “Infrastructure” screen printed quilt, Manhattan Graphics Center invitational show
1997 “The Sower” cyanotype quilt, Strata Various, Manhattan Quilters Guild: Wave Hill (NYC)
1996 Solo show of portrait series "Women at Work and Play" photo art quilts: Longwood Arts Gallery

(directed by Bronx Council on the Arts), January-February (Bronx, NY)

1995 “Women at Work and Play, no. 2” photo quilt: Diversity!: Art Quilts for the Next Century (juried):

Arrowmont Arts & Crafts Center (Gatlinburg, TN) and traveling nationally

1995 “Women at Work and Play, no. 4” photo quilt: The Art Quilt (juried), Rochester Institute of


1993 Solo show of twelve photos and nine art quilts, Sarah Lawrence College Library Gallery reviewed

by Patricia Malarcher in The New York Times, Sept. 12, p. 25)

1993 Featured artist in invitational fiber exhibition: The Gallery (Asheville, NC)
1992 “Making Tracks” photo quilt: Santa Cruz Art League (annual juried competition)
1991 Featured artist: Gallery Five (Tequesta, FL)

EDUCATION: Quiltmaking and embroidery as a child in western North Carolina

2004 M.A. in art history: Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
1999 Batik workshop: Quilt / Surface Design Symposium (by Els van Baarle)
1998 Polaroid transfer workshops: Manhattan Graphics Center (by H. Lisa Solon)
1997 Screen-printing class: Manhattan Graphics Center (by Margaret Nussbaum)
1995 Photography workshop (large-format camera)): Clyde Butcher, Everglades studio
1991- 93 Printmaking classes: School of Visual Arts (by Elaine Breiger and Larry Wright)
1978 Ph.D in comparative literature: UNC, Chapel Hill (focus on text and image)
1975-76 Painting and filmmaking classes: University of Kentucky, Lexington (audited)
1972 M.A. in comparative literature: UNC, Chapel Hill


Feature articles, exhibition reviews, artist interviews and profiles, and book reviews in Women in the Arts, Fiberarts Magazine, Surface Design Journal, Emblematica, Sixteenth Century Journal, and essays in several monographs and special-issue journals; scholarly exhibition catalogues, including essay on Jean Ray Laury for 2006 solo exhibition at San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles; several books concerning Renaissance studies; Internet reviews and essays, including reviews of Gee’s Bend quilts at the Whitney Museum, new work by Miriam Schapiro at a NYC gallery, and Andy Warhol at DIA: Beacon; “WOMANHOUSE: Cradle of Feminist Art: January 30 - February 28, 1972,” Internet publication: Art Spaces Archives Project,


1000 Quilt Inspirations: Colorful and Creative Designs for Traditional, Modern, and Art Quilts (2015)

The Studio Quilt monograph series (2010-2013)

Pioneering Quilt Artists, 1960-1980: A New Direction in American Art (2010)


The Hispanic Society of America, 1985-1994, writing for exhibition catalogues and curating exhibitions (books, manuscripts, maps, photographs); Internet exhibitions (art quilts online); sole juror and curator of the original Fine Focus exhibition (fifty pieces touring nationally, 1999-2001); curator, Walking the Waterway: Scenes along the Old Croton Aqueduct Trailway, 1998 (photography), The Urban Center, New York City; co-juror for Quilt 21: American Art Quilts for the 21st Century (touring 2000-2002); juror for Nevada Art Quilt Competition 2000 (Internet exhibition); sole juror and guest curator for national quilt art competition Surface Tension, November 2006 (exhibition at Kean University, Union, New Jersey); managing curator for MetroTextural: Art Quilts from the Manhattan Quilters Guild (2006-2009); sole juror for SAQA international competition Transformations 2007: Reverberations; sole juror for California Fibers (2007); sole juror for SAQA exhibition Musings, 2009; co-curating with Michael James Perspectives: Art, Craft, Design and the Studio Quilt, International Quilt Study Center (Lincoln, Nebraska, 2009-2010); several exhibitons for the Texas Quilt Museum (2012-present) including touring shows; sole juror for SAQA regional exhibition Southern Accents (2015); sole juror for SAQA regional exhibition On the Fringe (2016).