Art Work

A Clear and Present Danger

A Clear and Present Danger

54 x 38 in.

Materials: Cyanotype chemicals, commercial cottons, cotton back, cotton embroidery thread, Dual Duty thread, Dream Orient batting blended of silk, bamboo, tencel, and cotton.

Techniques: Sun-printed cyanotype photograms of canning rings and a dead yellow-bellied warbler that flew into my picture window, machine piecing, hand embroidery, hand and machine stitching.

Statement: Memorial to the millions of birds killed each year by flying into glass windows, doors, and walls. Various bird protection groups across North America, such as Safe Wings Ottawa, advocate the use of wrap technology (photographic images such as we see on buses) or clustered vinyl dots to alert birds that they are flying toward a glass hazard. The American Bird Conservancy tells us, “Collision with glass is the single biggest known killer of birds in the United States, claiming hundreds of millions or more lives each year. Unlike some sources of mortality that predominantly kill weaker individuals, there is no distinction among victims of glass. Because glass is equally dangerous for strong, healthy, breeding adults, it can have a particularly serious impact on populations,” and thus on the delicate balance of our ecology.

Photos by Deidre Adams


$ 2,800.00

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